• Suwaida Transport starts ocean line shipping services directly for United States of America ports
  • Company Opens a new warehouse in Iraq with increasing capacity of 20,000 sq ft.

I have enjoyed a working relationship with Suwaida Transport for over a year now and they have always provided dependable, quality service on a consistent basis.

Mr. Suwaida and his staff deal honestly never promising what they can't deliver. This is key for me because the expectations of my customers also hinge on their performance. I would highly recommend them.


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Suwaida Transport & Trading is based in Beirut, Lebanon and is a leader in transportation and Logistics services. Suwaida's biggest asset is its extremely knowledgeable management, which has keen insight on the inner workings of the Middle East logistics network.

At Suwaida Transport & Trading we are able to leverage our knowledge and network efficiently in assisting our client's global transportation needs and also managing cross-border risk. We are firmly established in this emerging market with transportation support over roads, sea, air and rail enabling imports and exports in the region.. Read More>>




We provide freight forwarding services with various trades between Lebanon and the rest of the world with an emphasis on quality management, customer satisfaction & loyalty .


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